2021 Content Marketing Predictions

Content marketing is very important and needs to be thought carefully. The goal of content marketing is customer-centric, which means that consumers are more interested in interacting with your brand. Below are some of the 2021 content marketing predictions.


Tik-Tok and Instagram Stories are two types of popular video content that are now being used frequently. It’s no wonder that both of them are included in the 2021 content marketing trends that must be considered. By 2021, it is projected that social media users will spend up to more time watching video content.

However, the duration of the video also needs to be adjusted. This is because each platform has a different optimal video duration. For example, for the Facebook platform, the algorithm assesses that videos with a duration of more than 3 minutes have good engagement, in contrast to Instagram stories and Tik-Tok, which have a shorter optimal duration.


Content marketers’ experts indicate the trend of content marketing in 2021, to focus on products and services. This is because various challenges have limited resources, and many businesses are trying to save and maximize existing resources. For this reason, a focus on converting content to sales is essential.


Amid many large meetings to be held, companies need to be virtually active in 2021. Companies need to keep all teams connected on various projects, using Slack or Microsoft Teams, and organize workflows using Trello or Asana.

If there is a meeting, they can use the Zoom application. The point is to keep communication smooth and workflow tidy.

Virtual events are considered to continue to be a trend in content marketing in 2021. This is because people’s habits have begun to shift, wanting something that is more practical and can be done anywhere.

Some of the virtual events that can be intensified are webinars, podcasts, live Instagram, live Facebook, and live e-commerce. This marketing trend can also be good two-way communication between companies and customers.


Marketing techniques carried out by having a dialogue or making direct conversations are more appealing to customers. Instead of sending an email or asking for customer satisfaction feedback forms, the trend of communicating directly using chatbots is considered to have more impact.

This experience makes customers feel like they are chatting or exchanging information with friends. Customers will prefer ideas that are conveyed directly and quickly, compared to email. This content marketing strategy is considered to be included in marketing strategies in the digital sphere.


The Slack community’s emergence that focuses on marketing continues to be a trend in content marketing that must be tried in 2021. This community is specifically made to connect with other professionals and users, then share and share case studies, events, references, tips and procedures.

A community does not only exist in one field but many choices such as UI / UX designers, UI animators, designers, sketches, developers, photographers, to product managerial. In this way, marketers can learn many things and expand their reach, even with limited resources.

Do you want to achieve even better marketing success for 2021? There’s nothing wrong with trying the above content marketing trends for 2021.

  1. Take advantage of paid content platforms

There are platforms using AI algorithms to find you the best content marketing opportunities. They line up your content with specific websites that would yield you readers who are looking for exactly the type of products and services you’re providing within your content to boost targeted sales to your brand. Companies such as inPowered, Nativo, and many others.

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