How a few tech companies changed history

Tech companies have continuously evolved through the years they have revolutionized the life of their consumers with their latest technological innovations these companies have to spend and invested millions of dollars for their research and development projects that would capture the attention of their customers which could turn into large profits for these tech companies. some of these companies are focused on gaming and the everyday usage of an individual which is why competition for technological advancement has been very competitive in the past few years. many of these tech consumers have high expectations since everyone has access to social media it can quickly be a make-or-break situation for these tech companies.

  • SONY PLAYSTATION – in the gaming world sony is known for developing one of the most popular and best-selling consoles of all time the PlayStation gaming console where it had become a global phenomenon and rival the Microsoft X box console. Since it was released in the early ’90s the Playstation has captured the attention of gamers around the world, it was the first console to create a 3D playable character that had created a loyal fan base which we see today.

Due to the loyal fan base and huge success of the PlayStation Sony had created the next generation of gaming consoles namely the best selling console of all time and still holds that record today is the PlayStation 2, the PlayStation 3 on the other hand was known for having a more powerful chipset that would greatly improve the gaming visuals of the games, PlayStation 4 cemented Sony as the king consoles due to the fact that games that are being played in the PlayStation does not require internet connectivity and has a more consumer-friendly approach to its users, PlayStation 4 Pro the biggest leap Sony had done in the world of gaming because of the consoles ability to render 4K visuals for its games which have been the gold standard for the videogame industry and finally their latest console the PlayStation 5 capable of running games in 4K and in 8K visuals with each faster storage capacity the Solid State Drive and a handful of exclusive games Sony has remain the king of consoles again.

  • NVIDIA – a multinational technology company based in Santa Clara California, this tech giant is responsible for creating the next generation of graphics cards computers, and consoles. The Graphics Processing Unit has been a key factor in playing graphic-intensive games on computers capable of achieving ultra graphics and higher framerate counts in games especially in esports titles that have been used in esports competitions around the globe. The Graphics Processing Unit has also been used by content creators for editing photos and videos even live streaming which has been very popular during the covid-19 pandemic. Notable graphics cards of Nvidia are its 20 and 30 series cards which are available in the present market.
  • ASUS – a multinational and computer tech company that specializes in manufacturing desktops, laptops, phones, motherboards, networking equipment, graphics cards, and gaming peripherals. ASUS has become widely known for its gaming products such as the ASUS ROG line up which have been very popular with videogame enthusiasts since their products are known to be top of the line when it comes to gaming performance and even in content creation for photo and video editors.
  • TESLA – an electric vehicle and clean energy company which has been for their products to environment friendly and practicing the usage of renewable energy, they applied this innovation to cars, planes, and solar technology which can be the source of renewable energy and limit the harmful effects of carbon emissions to the environment, their latest line up products are its hybrid cars which can run without any fossil fuel.
  • SAMSUNG – a smartphone manufacturing company that had been in rival with apple for some years now, they are responsible for manufacturing top of the line Android phones that rival Apples IOS devices, their notable innovations are for Smartphones such as the Flip touch screen phones, folding phablets, and their higher screen refresh rates which have adapted lately by Apple Smartphones. Samsung is also known for manufacturing high storage capacity, and faster solid-state drives which have faster read and write speeds that have been very popular for desktops and laptops around the globe.
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