Should Businesses Hire In-House or Automate?

The freelancing industry is on the rise, and it has given a lot of unemployed and undiscovered talent the platform to earn and perform respectively.

Outsourcing basically happens when an organization hires freelancers to do their work, and the main reason behind it is cost cutting and specialized working. So, this begs the question, is it still worth to hire employees in the era of high outsourcing and automation? Read on to find out.

Work From Home Concept

The concept of working from home truly appears attractive to anyone who wants to earn with comfort and ease. According to a recent survey by the Swiss, seventy percent of the world’s population work remotely from home at least once a week globally.

Following a strict routine of a nine-to-five job is too much to handle for a lot of people, so they prefer to do a job that caters to their needs and offers flexibility in timing and commute.

Organizations Prefer Freelancers

It is not entirely true that organizations prefer freelancers for all of their work, but they do prefer to outsource their work to individuals or companies outside so as to reduce expenses.

Some areas where organizations usually outsource are; when a company is hiring new people, when they have to outsource their marketing campaigns, and hiring freelance programmers and writers. Organizations get the candidates perfectly suited for the jobs, and one-time payments are made, which reduce expenses in the long run.

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